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Office Cleaning Service Burnaby, Bc

Office Cleanup Service

Get Commercial Office Cleanup Service In Burnaby

We make cleaning simple & effortless!

Do you have an office that's just not looking the way it should? Is the place where you work a disaster zone at the end of the day, with empty soda cans, dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen, stacks of paper everywhere, and food stains on the carpet?

If so, Usafi Pro Office Cleaning is here to help! Our office cleaning services in Burnaby, BC, can make your workplace look as good as new. We offer various options for our clients, from simple weekly or bi-weekly visits to deep-cleaning services—whatever you need to keep your office running smoothly. We can also provide janitorial supplies, so you never have to worry about buying cleaning products.

Our team of cleaners and janitors is trained in the most efficient cleaning methods, and our eco-friendly products will leave your office smelling fresh without harming the environment. If you want to ensure your employees can focus on their work, contact us today for a free estimate on how we can help you!

Do You Need Professional Office Cleaners In Burnaby? 

We’ll make your workplace sparkle!

If your office looks a little drab and you feel like it’s time for a change, the best way is to hire our commercial cleaning services in Burnaby, BC. We can help you with everything from dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning that will make your space look like new again. Our team of professionals is trained and ready to handle any job, whether a touch-up or a full-blown deep clean. And our rates are so affordable that even small businesses can afford them!

We'll work with you to determine what kind of cleaning schedule will work best for your needs and goals, whether once a week or every two weeks, or whatever works best for your company. And once we've got that figured out, we’ll ensure your space stays clean for as long as possible!

Why Is Commercial Janitorial Service Important

A clean and tidy office business is more likely to attract customers. A dirty and untidy office will have the opposite effect, resulting in fewer customers or, even worse, no customers! Hiring a professional cleaning company is important to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

If you're running an office, you know that keeping your space clean and tidy can be a full-time job. It's not just about appearances; it's also about hygiene, which is important if you want to keep your employees healthy and happy. Whether your company is big or small, having professional janitorial service can make all the difference in how well it runs.

If you're not getting your office clean enough, not only will you have to deal with the mess yourself, but it may also cost your customers.

Here are some reasons why commercial janitorial services are important:

  • You'll save money on supplies

  • Your employees will be happier

  • You'll get more done

It depends on the size of your business and the types of work in your office space. The more people work there, the more dirt they'll bring daily. If your business has a lot of heavy machinery or equipment (like IT equipment), it'll also contribute to a build-up of dust and grime over time. If it's a smaller operation with less traffic, then you probably won't need cleaning services on as frequent of a schedule (but make sure that someone like Usafi Pro comes by at least once every other month).

How Often Do You Need Janitorial Services For Your Office

janitorial services

What Our Janitors Have To Offer!

Our janitors provide a variety of cleaning services, including:

Restroom Cleaning: Restrooms are a critical part of any office environment, and we can help you keep yours looking great and smelling fresh.

Kitchen Cleaning: Our kitchen cleaners will make sure your kitchen is spotless, sanitary, and safe for employees to use.

Cabins and Cubicles: Our cabin cleaners will ensure that your cabinets and cubicles are clean and organized to stay focused on your work.

Meeting Rooms: We can help you clean up after your meetings so that you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Common Rooms: Whether it's the break room or the kitchenette, we can help keep common areas looking great so that they're not an eyesore in your office space

The Usafi Pro Difference!

Taking office cleaning to another level!

At Usafi Pro Office Cleaning, we're committed to providing a thorough, reliable, and attentive cleaning service for your office or business. We know how important it is to have a clean workplace, and we're here to make that happen!

We’ll Help You To Meet Health And Safety Standards


Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, we know that having your premises cleaned is essential to your health and safety. That’s why we offer a range of services to keep your employees and visitors safe and healthy in all environments. We offer a range of office cleaning services that will help you meet health and safety standards without the hassle of having to do it yourself. 


We Guarantee Complete Satisfaction 

We guarantee complete satisfaction with our office cleanups. We'll clean your office to get rid of the dust and dirt that collects on the surfaces, and we'll do it in a way that won't disrupt your workflow. We'll leave your office looking clean and organized, so you can spend more time focusing on important things like growing your business. We're confident our approach will be just what your business needs to keep up with the competition.

free onsite estimates

We Offer Free Onsite Estimates

You want your employees' workspace to be clean and productive, but you can't afford to spend all your revenue on the cleanups. That is why we offer free estimates on all of our services so that you can see how much money we can save you!

We Have A Steady Cleaning Crew

We understand that you have other things to worry about than keeping your office clean, so we take care of it. Our cleaning crew is reliable and experienced, so you can rest assured that your office will keep looking its best.

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A tidy space can lead to a calm and clear mind

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