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Commercial Office Cleaning Vancouver, BC

We're here to help you keep your office clean and organized!

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Office Cleaning Services

In Vancouver BC

If you're a busy professional living in Vancouver, finding the time to keep your office clean can be hard. That's why Usafi Pro Cleaning is here! We'll come in and clean your office so that you can focus on what matters—your job and your family!
Our staff consists of professional cleaners certified by the city of Vancouver and trained extensively in office cleaning. We're also experts at following all safety protocols when working in businesses, so you can rest assured that everything will be done with care and consideration for your company's privacy.
Our goal is to ensure that your workspace is clean, sanitized, and sanitary while also ensuring it's free of bacteria and viruses—and we guarantee it!
Whether you want us to come every week or just once a month, we'll ensure that your business space is always ready for you. If you're looking for a flexible cleaning service that fits around your schedule and can handle everything, give us a call!

Why Hire Professionals To Clean Your Offices

Office cleaning is a task that you should never take lightly. If you want your office to be as clean and organized as possible, hiring a commercial cleaning company can help.
While there are many reasons to hire office cleaners, the most important reason is to avoid any potential health issues that could arise from poor office hygiene. They will know how to clean your office most efficiently and effectively possible. They can also clean areas that are harder to reach, like under desks, behind desks, and around filing cabinets.
Professional cleaners can also help you organize your space by removing clutter and putting things away according to their own system. It helps make your office feel more organized and gives you more time to work!

Our Office Cleaning Checklist

Our general cleaning process includes a deep cleaning of the space, including dusting, vacuuming, wiping down all surfaces with disinfectants, sanitizing tables, and cleaning office equipment ( printers, computers, fax machines, etc.). We also check for any areas that may need extra attention—such as light bulbs or outlets—and ensure everything is working correctly before we leave.

Kitchen And Pantry

We clean your kitchen and pantry, so you don't have to!
We're here to help you make your office kitchen and pantry look new. If you've got a dirty sink, a dusty oven, or a room full of dirty dishes, we've got the solution for you. We can come in at any time of day or night to ensure everything is clean and ready for work the next day. We'll take out the trash, sanitize all surfaces and cabinets, put everything back in its place (including any food items), and then wipe down the counters and appliances with disinfectant wipes.

Conference R

As a business owner, you want to ensure your conference room is clean, tidy, and ready for the next meeting. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your space always looks immaculate so that you can impress your clients. We are available as a one-time or recurring service, depending on your needs. We'll help you pick the right time for your cleaning session so you can schedule accordingly

Restroom Cleaning

Clean restrooms play a vital role in your office’s hygiene. It is important to keep the restroom clean and sanitary for the employees and visitors. With us, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your restroom is properly maintained at all times—no matter how messy it gets there! We follow the latest cleaning techniques to clean and sanitize everything from sinks and toilets to handrails and flooring. We provide everything you need from the moment you call us until the day when we finish our work.

High-Traffic Areas

We know that high-traffic areas can get pretty chaotic sometimes. We’ll sweep under desks and tables and mop hardwood floors where appropriate (remove rugs). Our cleaners will vacuum any carpeted areas and mop the floors that would otherwise accumulate dust or dirt through heavy foot traffic like in common areas, reception areas, elevators, lobbies, hallways, and lifts.

What We Can Do For You!

We're committed to ensuring every part of your facility is clean and ready for use. Our janitorial services are available for all commercial spaces, from warehouses to retail stores and apartment complexes.

Cleaning Building Windows

Our commercial cleaning services are tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether it's one-time help with a restaurant cleanup or weekly cleaning of your storefront, we ensure your place always looks its best.

Work Desk

We'll give your employees a cleaner space to work in! Our professional cleaners can handle any office space clean-up job, whether it's a small office or a large corporation. We'll ensure your office is sparkling before we leave so that you can get back to work.

Carpet in Living Room

Whether you are worried about the appearance of your hotel lobbies or our office meeting room, we’re with you! With our carpet cleaning services, you’ll always stay on top of the game. From regular vacuuming to detailed carpet steam cleaning, we do it all. 

Window Cleaning

In a city as beautiful as Vancouver, it's easy to overlook the importance of cleaning your windows. Clean windows are one of the most important aspects of maintaining a business, and we can help you achieve it with our expert window cleaning services

Cleaning Vehicle

What Makes Us Different

Office cleaning in Vancouver is a big deal!

You can’t just hire someone to clean your office and then hope they do a good job. You need someone who has the experience and expertise to handle your office cleaning needs.

That’s why we offer professional office cleaning services in Vancouver! We have been cleaning offices for years, so we know how it works. We understand that you have busy schedules and need our services at the best time possible: when your employees are at work or out of the office.

Our professionals will arrive on time and leave at the same time every day so that they won’t be interrupting your workday with their presence. They will also carefully clean every area of your workplace, from floors to desks and chairs, so that you can return to a clean office without worrying about any stains on carpets or upholstery from paper clips sticking out from under a desk drawer.

Top-Of The Line Equipment 

We use commercial-grade equipment to clean every surface in your office so that nothing is missed. We don't just dust or vacuum—we sanitize! So, no matter how much dirt or grime might be caked on the walls and floors of your building, we'll make sure it doesn't stay there because we're using special disinfecting tools that kill germs on contact. We'll come in and get everything sparkling clean so that you can focus on your business confidently!

Certified Office Cleaners in Vancouver, BC

Our team of certified professionals is dedicated to helping you keep your office space in the best possible condition at all times. With our help, you can rest assured that your employees will be able to focus on their work rather than worrying about dirty floors or desks.

We understand that every business has different needs and requirements for its offices, so we offer flexible scheduling options so you can choose when you want us to come by. We also provide emergency service if needed.

Cleaning Materials

2059 E 26th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5N 2W3, Canada

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